Friday, March 20, 2015

An Alzheimer's Journey via StoryPress

Many readers of Destination: Austin Family know that this site started back in December 2006 as a way of coping with my mother's early onset Alzheimer's Diseases diagnosis in 2000. My main goal was to capture the many family history stories that I heard growing up.

Over the past eight years I've expanded the posts to cover genealogy and family history as well. An important element of many posts is the concept of "storytelling" and conveying the power of a family story with all its facets.

The written word can only go so far. So I've been working with a new platform called StoryPress ( to create video stories using photos and text narrated in my own voice. Here is my latest video, My Mother and Alzheimer's Disease, based on an annual post entitled "Our Family's Journey to Remembering."  Here is the video and look for more video stories in the future:

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Nan Bailey said...

Hello Thomas, I was very moved to listen to your story about the journey through Alzheimer's for your Mum and yourself. Your story is very familiar as a close friend went through many of the same hurdles as you, with family denying there was a problem all the way through. I have forwarded a link to your blog to her.
My thoughts are with you.
Kind regards, Nan Bailey, Maryborough, Qld Australia