Tuesday, January 29, 2008

80s Hair

Elizabeth over at Little Bytes of Life had a great time at Scanfest - one topic of discussion was our "80s hair." You know, the days of mousse (does anyone use that still?), punk hairdos etc. I confessed, somewhere along the conversation, that my hair had been so many colors that my dandruff looked like jelly beans and my shadow looked like a stained glass window.

So, as she challenged us yesterday to show of our 1980s hair, here's mine for Elizabeth:

As you can see, in the late 1980s a bottle of peroxide was my best friend. I even learned how to do my eyebrows to match.

The year was 1989, it was the month of June and I was attending the San Francisco Symphony's Black & White Ball with my dance partner Nancy. She and I had started dancing back in 1987 and loved doing the Jitterbug, The Lindy, and West Coast Swing. The B&W Ball is a bi-annual fundraiser for the symphony where the rule is that everything is black and white - one year I saw Dinah Shore singing on the Opera House stage and then she invited people to come up an dance while she sang. It was amazing!

So, now I want to see all the others with their 1980s hair, or lack thereof. You can place a black bar across your eyes if you need to!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, you took me seriously! Now I'm going to have to dig out my own 80's hair pics, aren't I? Yikes!

P.S. You look positively dapper in the tux photo!