Monday, January 28, 2008

Fan of Scanfest

I just want to say a quick thanks to Miriam over at AnceStories for yesterday's Scanfest. It was the first one I attended and while I was quite the jokester, I did get close to 110 pics scanned! Now I need to copy the .tiff files to .jpg files. do some cleanup and add some identifying labels and tags.

And thanks to everyone who joined in yesterday - it was lots of fun!


Apple said...

Show off! LOL

Elizabeth said...

Thomas - you are a scanning MANIAC! I got nowhere near that many photos scanned - plus I had so many do-overs: pages that I put on the scanner and forgot to scan. One of the hazards of only 1 functioning brain cell!

Had a great time chatting with you!

Miriam said...

We did all have a blast, and you'd better be there for the next one! (Feb 24 - save the date!)