Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake Felt In Chicago

Amazing - I leave California and the earthquakes follow me. The US Geological Survey website reports a 5.4 magnitude earthquake just near Salem, Illinois which is considered Downstate.

I was awake at the time, about 4:40 am CDT and my entire office shook for about 10 seconds and then right after that another rattle for 5 seconds.

Wondering if people like Lori at Smoky Mountain Family Historian, Jasia at Creative Gene or even Terry at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi felt it.

What is weird is this: it is the same day, 102 years ago, of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

I will keep this post updated and write about my experiences with the 1989 Loma Prieta quake which I lived through.


Salima Hayek said...

Wow - you felt it up there? I'm in Central. Dare I said I actually had Fun! I don't know compare notes with my post, and let me know if I'm CRAZY or something?

Salima Hayek said...

Wow - you fel it all the way up there? I'm in Central IL closer to the epicenter and I think I had Fun. I used to live in Cali too.

I dunno, compare notes with my post - am I Crazy for enjoying myself through these now?

Anonymous said...

I'm in the Quad-Cities off the Iowa border. It shook our entire hospital for about 1 minute.

Jasia said...

The local news this morning is full of reports of people here in the Detroit area who felt the quake. I was asleep and didn't notice anything.

Linda said...

You felt both quakes? I was in a construction supply store this morning and one of the workers who lives on the South side said he also felt two. I felt the tail end of the last one apparently.
Good idea to recount the 1989 quake. I was there too. In S.F. Brings back memories.I will keep reading.

Miriam said...

We had a 5-point-something earthquake here about five years ago (epicenter about a mile away from our home). It felt like a semi going 60 miles per hour hit our house! My husband, having lived on the West Coast for many years knew exactly what it was. Many people in the community thought a bomb had gone off. The reason is was such a harsh jolt (rather than the swaying you usually feel) was because of the basalt in this area. We had over 60 aftershocks in the next few months.

Earlier in the year, an earthquake hit Olympia, our capital city, and it cracked the dome on the capitol building. We felt it, 300 miles away. I was at my computer and noticed all the blinds and the plants swinging gently, and got a slightly dizzy feeling.

We had them in Alaska, too, but I never noticed them.

Terry Thornton said...

Thomas, Did not feel this one in Mississippi. Living in Tennessee a few years ago we felt one --- and heard it coming. The noise was worse than the shake.

Just a few minutes ago a 4.5 mag aftershock was registered (the sixth and so far the strongest aftershock of the original 5.2 quake). Did you feel it?

The New Madrid line is about half-way between our locations.


footnoteMaven said...


I am so sensitive to earthquakes I think I may have felt it in Seattle. O.K., maybe not.

I, too, was in California for the Loma Prieta and blogged about it in my Great San Francisco Earthquake post today.

Quite an experience! Oh, and the New Madrid in Missouri, and the big one in Washington. Might be good to stay as far away from me as possible.


Lori Thornton said...

I can't say that I felt it. I was "out". I will say that my cat did try to wake me up about that time so I think he felt it. Others in the area reported feeling their bed rock, plates rattle, etc. I had some students who felt it although most didn't. It certainly wasn't strong here. The local media was reporting a lot of folks feeling it though.

Apple said...

Both my aunt and I slept right through it but several of her neighbors in Buchanan, MI were awakened by it. We had a small quake years and years ago here. I never want to feel a big one.