Friday, April 25, 2008

Problem with Google Subscribe Gadget

Time for me to get into tech mode here! I finally figured out what was slowing down this blog from loading in Internet Explorer or any other browser. Culprit: the Subscribe gadget from Google Gadgets.

Using time tested troubleshooting techniques, I removed all my widgets and gadgets, added them back in one at a time, and after each addition cleared my browser cache and did a page reload. After a short time, I could see that the gadget which allows visitors to subscribe to Destination: Austin Family in various ways was causing the problem.

I'm not very interested in the "why" right now. If a visitor really likes this blog, they will most likely subscribe using various other methods. What is vexing me now is getting the feedback to Google so they can work to improve what could be a valuable gadget. But for now, a slow page load is not worth using the Subscribe gadget.


Apple said...

I'm not sure what the google gadget looked like, I'm so far behind! I'm using one from feedburner but I don't know if it slows things down.

I see that you have your blogroll looking sleek. Is that through blogger, google or something else? I still can't get mine working quite right - it's the one from google reader.

Thomas MacEntee said...


If you need help let me know. Basically, if you use the standard Blogger way of editing the page elements you only see widgets. But if you go to you will see gadgets and so many of them!