Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Just an update for readers and followers as to my unusual lack of posting lately. It has been a busy May and while I really miss my writing and blogging, it has been a bit difficult to concentrate. I also apologize for the lack of comments on all my favorite genea-blogger sites.

I am in the process of putting my mother into hospice, which really is a good thing. Right now we are doing a "transition" which means in the nursing home where she is the only ambulatory person among 100 or so patients, she will have someone spend more one on one time with her. Then sometime over the summer she will actually physcially move to the hospice unit in the complex. I plan on making a trip to New York to see her in mid-July for her birthday and for an annual informal family reunion that my aunt puts on each year.

Also I've been making some health progress with my arthritis. I received a cortisone injection into the hip yesterday which should kick in over the course of the next few days. Then I can finally go to physical therapy and rebuild the muscles around each hip. And I was able to get a great foldable cane (on Amazon, where else would this shopping maven go?) which takes the weight off the left hip. As well, I've now been put on morphine which finally has allowed me to sleep more than two hours a night. I anticipate a good, if not full recovery by the end of this summer.

Finally, I am busy getting ready to host a reception at my home in Chicago for 75 people in support of Ghar Sita Mutu. My good friend in New York has designed the website and done much work for this group which runs a home in Nepal for abandonded children as well as a training program for destitute women. So I've been sprucing up the place and getting everything ready for what will hopefully be an informative (and profitable) evening.

I hope everyone is well - I will be putting up more posts later today as well as taking advantage of Blogger's draft posting.


Terry Thornton said...

THOMAS, I hope you get through this rough spot quickly and with grace and that you make a full recovery. I have missed your writing and good humor --- and you are in my thoughts.

footnoteMaven said...


You're blogging friends are here for you.

Take care of business! We'll all be here when you are back at it full time. It sounds as if your life is really full right now.

I'm sending good thoughts and prayers for you and your mother.


Steve said...


My thoughts are with you. Best wishes for an easy transition for your mother and a quick recovery for you.


Apple said...

I'm ashamed to say I'm so far behind I didn't realize you were MIA. I hope you heal quickly and that your mom's transition goes smoothly.

Colleen said...

Terry, I'm with Apple, not having been around much lately. Still,my thoughts and prayers are with your family and with you at this time.