Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moultrie Creek Online Historical Society (MCOHS)

The more detailed-oriented readers of this blog may have noticed that I added a new blog to My Bloglist about two weeks ago. The name is Moultrie Creek Online Historical Society and I am honored (and excited) that Denise Olson at Family Matters has invited me to participate as a contributor.

As Denise stated in her post this morning, MCOHS is a "fictional" or "virtual" organization which is dedicated to helping societies and associations not only improve their technology offerings to their membership but to also develop a "web presence" as part of their membership and outreach efforts.

As a contributor, I am in good company. Along with Denise, is my "soul sister" Kathryn Doyle over at California Genealogical Society and Library. I say "soul sister" in that we have some uncanny connections (like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon type stuff) and can often be found ruminating on the same topic while 1800 miles away from each other.

In addition, I've had a sneak peak at some future posting topics and contributors and knowing Denise's blogs and her work, the genea-blogosphere is in for some very informative posts over the next few weeks and months.

I am currently working on a multi-part series which explains the concept of a Continuity Plan. While geared more towards "disaster planning" for societies and associations, the series will close with a post which helps the individual researcher develop their own plan for protecting years worth of data as well as hardware and software.

To me, participation in MCOHS is a great way of "giving back" to the genealogical community and also allows me to share some of my 20+ years of Information Technology experiece and knowledge. If you would like to participate in this effort, drop us a note at moultriecreek (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Finally, as Denise says: "MCOHS is an interactive site. No one person has all the answers and what works for one group won’t work for another. Stop by and see what we’re doing. Add your voice by commenting on existing posts, contributing your own articles or offering suggestions to make our effort even more helpful. The more people involved in this, the more useful our site becomes. I look forward to seeing you there!"

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Elizabeth said...

Another reason why you're an exceptional genea-blogger, Thomas!