Thursday, May 8, 2008

That Month of Three

This post was composed for the 1st Edition of Smile For The Camera ~ A Carnival of Images

That Month of Three

In your arms, that month of three,
you held and loved and carried me.
Our blue eyes, our skin both fair,
your gaze told me you'd be right there,
by my side, through good and bad.
And oh what times, what times we had!

Trips away were so much fun,
more so with me, your oldest son.
We saw things that touched our heart
and laughed and laughed at stuff called "art."
We flew, we drove, saw it all
and took it in, both big and small.

When Dad left (men always go . . .),
I promised you, "Not me! No! No!"
You had hoped I'd be right there,
but knew deep down that wasn't fair.
"Go," you said, and with a smile
I went away for quite awhile.

School was far, so far away -
my hopes, my dreams to find one day.
Way out West, each week I'd phone,
"Please be careful," you'd intone.
"When will you come home again?"
"It will be soon, you'll see me then."

The empty nest, you did fill
with work and church and visits 'til
something came, took over you.
You struggled so with what to do.
"What is it?" you asked, "Will it stay?"
"It will," I knew but dared not say.

You knew too, but built a game
of cover, of lies, and of shame.
We cried, we fought, and we tried
to stop the loss, as mem'ry died.
"This road's dark, it's hard to see!"
"I'm right here Mom. Remember me?"

If I could, that month of three,
know all the pain you couldn't see,
I'd hold it close so deep within,
but you'd find out, and smile and grin.
"Let go, please. Give that to me.
Now, what's your name? My name's Jackie."

Copyright 2008 by Thomas MacEntee

Photo: Jacqueline Austin MacEntee holding her three-month old son, Thomas James MacEntee, March 1963, Liberty, New York


Kathryn Doyle said...

Beautiful, Thomas.

Jasia said...

Beautiful, Thomas

Janice said...

What a lovely tribute! :)


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Ok, now I need a tissue. Beautiful tribute, Thomas.

Terry Thornton said...

THOMAS, Your tribute is lovely; the photograph is beautiful. The tragedy your post reveals is fathomless. Death itself is not as sad as to watch a loved one slowly slip away as their mind and memory goes in such a horrible illness. I consider your poem a tribute to all mothers whose memories fade because of Alzheimer's Disease. And in honor of my mother who died without memories, I'll change your last two lines to read:
"Let go, please. Give that to me.
Now, what's your name? My name's Letha."

Thank you,
Terry Thornton

Anonymous said...


That was really beautiful.

What's Past is Prologue

Miriam Robbins said...

When I first read this poem, I was just checking Google Reader before I left for work. Oh, gosh! I had to stop and wipe my eyes and pull myself together after reading it, before heading out the door. Lovely, Thomas.

Anonymous said...


How wonderful a tribute! I find myself reaching for a tissue now!

God Bless You!


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

A beautiful tribute.

CookinsForMe said...

I need tissue now. How beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with us all.

Karen K said...

What a beautiful tribute Thomas! Sounds like the two of you have a wonderful relationship. Enjoy the visit and know that she will forever live on in your heart & memories.

Mavis said...


What a wonderful tribute to your mother. My thoughts are with you during your travels to spend some time with her.

Unknown said...

So very beautiful, Thomas. You both are in my thoughts.