Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I was MOOved

A few weeks ago, footnoteMaven at Shades Of The Departed discussed business cards and using a new service called MOO to create affordable versions in a "mini" format.

Lately, I've been looking to have some "calling cards" created - I didn't want business cards since my firm already provides those to me free of charge albeit with tons of work-related data. I wanted a card that I could give to family when talking about genealogy or when meeting new people and discussing family history or other topics.

So, taking fM's advice, I wandered over to MOO and create the Mini-Moos shown above. I also ordered the small case which is great and holds just enough cards when heading out to a gathering. Note: the image above shows the front and back of one card.

Although I claim to be almost "paper free," I find there are times when technology just doesn't serve me and I need something more tactile when meeting people face to face.


Jasia said...

Lookin' good T! I like it!

Moultrie Creek said...

Great shot!

I love my Moo cards - and getting ready for a new order. fM offered some great ideas for taking my existing set up a notch or two.

Like you, mine are personal calling cards rather than a business card and I have gotten great reactions from them.

I look forward to hearing what kind of reactions yours generate.

footnoteMaven said...

I love Moo Minis. I love everything Moo creates.

Very nice job on the card Thomas!