Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Genea-Blogger Games Diary: Days Four and Five

Dear Diary:

This is a combo post of Day Four and Day Five since I have been busy. Don't you just hate it when your job interferes with your genealogy or blogging? I've also been following the progress reports of other GBG participants and some of them are really using me to mop the floor, so to speak. Note to self: Perhaps one of those "onesie" swimsuits that Michael Phelps wears will give me the abs of death and intimidate all my other competitors. Call Speedo - NOW.

Here is what I've been working on the past two days:

2. Back Up Your Data!

I still only have a gold medal with A, B, and C completed. I have been hesitant to go through The Box and start organizing photos during the day since my illustrious career as Computer Guy for Lawyers is so taxing lately. And at night I am just wiped. I want to secure all the photos so they cannot be damaged by water.

I am on vacation all of next week and at home on Wednesday and Thursday. Those will be good days to tackle this part of the event.

I am not sure if even I, Mr. Backup, will attain the Platinum level but I have plenty of time left.

3. Organize Your Research!

Again, just like #2 above, I am going to spend two days next week getting my photos and files in order.

I still have my Gold medal but will soon bump it up at least one notch to Diamond.

4. Write, Write, Write!

I have completed B and C and have made an offer to host the Cabinet of Curiosities carnival over at Walking The Berkshires.

So I am stalled at the Silver level on this one.

5. Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness!

I already have B and E complete, this means another Silver medal. I have commented on some new genealogy blogs and have found some of my new favorites too. So that means A is done as well.

I have invited other genealogists to join Facebook but I'm not sure any of them have taken the bait yet. I need to follow up. So technically I also have C complete but would feel better if those people actually joined us all on Facebook.

So I have my first Diamond medal! They are not just a girls best friend.

So my standings, so far:

Go Back and Cite Your Sources - Platinum
Back Up Your Data! - Gold
Organize Your Research - Gold
Write, Write, Write! - Silver
Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness - Diamond

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Jasia said...

I am definitely a big fan of Michael Phelps in a Speedo. So I'm seriously interested in seeing you in yours when you get it. Be sure to post a picture!

Hang in there with your game efforts and don't let all those big, bad genea-bloggers intimidate you with all the successes they've been having!