Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On This Date: August 13th


Mary Swan McEntee, wife of Calvert Vaux and my 1st cousin 4 times removed died on August 13, 1892:

"Early in August, the horse that had been pulling the carriage in which Mary and a friend were riding through the Palisades woods suddenly bolted. Both women were thrown to the ground. The friend perished instantly, but Mary survived with a fractured skull. She lingered for a week before dying on the morning of August 13 at Closter, New Jersey, near where her family had so loved living in the mid-1870s."[1]


[1] Kowsky, Francis R., Country, Park and City: The Architecture and Life of Calvert Vaux, New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2003, p. 312.

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