Friday, August 8, 2008

Genea-Blogger Games Diary: Day One

Dear Diary,

Well I think I have everything I need for the competition. I just got a training session in last night and while I thought another workout would help this morning, I don't want to overdo it. I keep telling myself it isn't always the first one out of the gate that wins or even finishes the race.

I think I'll do well in all the events but I do have some concerns about my competitors. I just know Colleen over at The Oracle of OMcHodoy is going to try and beat me in almost every event - I can just feel it! I bet she's just sittin' at her computer right now, crackin' her knuckles waiting for 3:00 PM PDT. Note to self: Do research to see if "oracle" is another word for witch.

And I can't take my eye off of someone like Midge Frazel over at Granite In My Blood even if she is my cousin. I keep telling myself that cousins ain't always the "kissin'" kind. Something tells me that I should be asking judges to test for performance enhancing drugs. I don't know where she gets her energy but it just ain't right. Note to self: a quick baton to Midge's knee might work. Call Tonya Harding.

Well, less than two hours to go and I can get started. Granted I am on vacation much of the time the GB Games are taking place but if I can compete in the high altitude and thin-air of Lake Tahoe, I know I've got what it takes to win.


Kathryn Doyle said...

You crack me up! Thanks, I needed a good laugh. So you'll be using the insomnia to full advantage?!

Colleen said...

How'd you know I cracked my knuckles?


Miriam said...

Ruthless, eh? I'll be watching my back...AND my knees!

Speaking of Tonya Harding, I got closer to Nancy Kerrigan a year ago February than Tonya'll ever be allowed to, when the U.S. Figure Skating Championships came to Spokane and my hubby won front row seats through work! I was seated next to the "gate" and Nancy came onto the ice to give the girls their medals. How cool is that!

Midge Frazel said...

So, you think I am a threat, huh? Well, I have to have high energy; I have three careers going here at the same time. I will be happy just to be able to say I did everything on my plan.

As for us being cousins, we only share about one twist of DNA! But, it is Rhode Island blood and you have no idea how special that is.