Friday, August 8, 2008

The Week in Facebook - 8/8/2008

This is a weekly feature which will document some of the genea-blogger happenings as they relate to Facebook®.

- Wow! Talk about accelerated growth! The Genea-Bloggers group has seen some more growth this past week. There are now 107 members - an increase of 30 members over last week, and many of them have their blogs posted at Blog Networks in Facebook®.

- Don't forget to check out the upcoming events posted to the Genea-Bloggers group, especially if you are a new member and the invites were sent out before you joined. Simply go to the Genea-Bloggers page and open any event on the right margin. Remember coming up are events such as the 4th Edition Smile For The Camera - A Carnival of Images, Scanfest!, and the 8th Edition of Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture.

- Also our new blog Facebook® Bootcamp for Genea-Bloggers has over 16 posts as of today. It is a collaborative effort with input from authors such as Miriam, Kathryn, Terry Thornton at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi and Denise Olson at Family Matters. All of the posts are meant to help genea-bloggers become more comfortable working within Facebook®. Make a visit when you have a chance and if you'd like to see a post about one of your Facebook® annoyances or pet peeves, drop me an e-mail!

- And we are still looking for stories of Genea-Blogger members connecting with living cousins or relatives using Facebook®. If you have a story you'd like to share, let us know!

Again, if anyone has a question as to how to use Facebook®, I'd be happy to help. You can always email me directly but if you post your question as a Discussion Topic at the Genea-Bloggers group, you might find that other members also have the same questions.

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Apple said...

Is there going to be a special prize for the 500th blogger to sign up? At the rate your growing and the rate at which I'm getting caught up......