Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reminder: Genea-Blogger Games Tallies Due Saturday!

A quick reminder that all competition for the Genea-Blogger Games must end at 12:00 pm PDT on Saturday, August 23rd.

More importantly, in order for me to prepare the Closing Ceremonies to appear on Monday, August 25th, you must post your final results on your blog no later than 3:00 pm PDT that same day, Saturday, August 23rd. And if possible, email the link to me at tmacentee at gmail dot com.


Laura said...

Ok, one question, on 2. Back Up Your Data! Do we have to complete the items in order?

Thomas MacEntee said...

Well I think that the first and last items make sense where they are - you need some sort of plan to get started and when you are all done you would know what you have and put it in a list.

The middle part really doesn't matter.

Brenda said...

What time does all this go on Monday?
Are you meeting somewhere? I cannot seem to find that answer. But, I seem to be good at that. ;)

Thomas MacEntee said...

Hi Brenda

I will post this at 4:00 am Chicago time so it will be available for all the early risers.

Just visit here at Destination: Austin Family to see all the results and collect your medal graphics!!!