Tuesday, September 2, 2008

DAF: Bigger, Better, Bolder!

In case you haven't noticed the new look, I took some time this holiday weekend to redesign the template used here at Destination: Austin Family.

I have been using the templates offered at BlogCrowds which basically start out with standard Blogger templates but are slightly tweaked with different color combos, graphics etc.

Also, I know enough HTML and CSS to be dangerous so it took me several hours to add/remove colors and elements to the point where I am pleased.

Some changes:

- the background is now pure white and the text is pure black for your reading pleasure;

- I have enlarged the type to medium rather than small. I am now among the many Trifocal wearers (thanks goodness for Transition lenses) and I get very grumpy when type is not large enough. I'm happy so you'll be happy.

- I changed the color combination using palettes at ColorCombo.com. If you have an understanding of HTML color codes and are willing to experiment by editing your template's HTML and CSS, then you can create a look that is easy to read.

- I am using a three-column layout with the main blog posts in the middle. My Blog Archive and Blog List are now in the left column. The right column contains various badges, a search function, a label cloud and disclaimer information.

- If you are interested in utilizing the label cloud instead of the standard list of all labels, visit phydeaux3's post as to how to add code to your existing template's html.


Moultrie Creek said...

Looking good. I do appreciate the larger type too.

Lidian said...

This looks terrific - I will have to check out BlogCrowds, I was thinking of redoing my blog also.

Denise L said...

Thanks, Thomas, for the update. I noticed the new look yesterday and thought that I had wandered into vision heaven. Even checked my browser type config to see if I had switched to "Bigger" type. Thank you thank you thank you. My reading glasses can stay lost!

Jennifer said...

Sharp! A new look for the dawning season. I love it!

Terry Thornton said...

Super new look so E-Z on the eyes. My old peepers and I both thank you!

Terry Thornton
Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi