Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Crusin' With Chrome

In case you haven't heard yet today, Google finally released its own Internet browser called Chrome. It appears to have lots of great bells and whistles, especially if you already have many of the other Google toys such as Google Mail, iGoogle, Google Calendar and Blogger.

It was quite easy to install and imported all my bookmarks from Internet Explorer 7.0. The options are fairly easy to change and it seems far more intuitive than IE 7.0. In addition, it has a nice clean look. Also, it did not automatically assume that I wanted Chrome to be my default browser. Once I use Chrome for a bit, I will decide whether or not to dump IE 7.0 and then go to Options to set Chrome as my default.

Check it out and download Google Chrome now before their servers get overloaded!

1 comment:

Abba-Dad said...

I wonder if it secretly send usage info as another way to help them spider the web. If they can capture all the links that people using the browsers click, they don't need to rely on smart spiders. Especially when looking at Java/Flash apps.