Friday, September 19, 2008

Meeting Steve Danko

Steve was in the Chicago area starting today for the Polish Genealogical Society of America's 30th Annual Conference. The conference is being held this weekend at the Meadows Club in Rolling Meadows, Illinois just to the northwest of Chicago.

We agreed to meet at a hot new restaurant at the end of my street - Tapas Las Ramblas and the food was great. We had this photo taken, clearly after yours truly had partaken in two glasses of Sancerre, an empty example of which sits in front of me.

I look like I am about to sneeze or sing or both.

We had a great time especially since I used to live in the Bay Area of San Francisco and Steve is there now. We almost called up Kathryn Doyle to say hello but figured this photo was proof enough of our having met.

When you get a chance ask Steve about the table of women at the restaurant who asked him to help take a group photo and then insisted he spend the rest of the time at their table . . .


Msteri said...

Always great fun to meet fellow bloggers!


Midge Frazel said...

If there are more than two bloggers, does that make it a genea-gaggle?

Kathryn Doyle said...

LOL! I'm so happy you both have met and a little jealous that I wasn't there too. Thanks for including me in spirit!

Steve said...

It was great to meet you, Thomas! I'm just getting ready to pack my bags for the trip back to California.

Whenever I look at this photo, I'll think of how you were just about to break into song as the shutter clicked!