Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Dream of Genea-Computer

If you haven't already heard, I need to tell this to all my genea-blogger friends and readers: this will be the best year to buy a new computer ever. And with that in mind, I am prepping for a new feature called I Dream of Genea-Computer.

IDGC will include postings on current trends in home computing and I'll discuss a wide array of topics including:

- choosing between a Windows-based or a MAC-OS based computer

- which is right for you - desktop, laptop or even the new microcomputers?

- when to buy new and when to upgrade

- hard drives and external drives - which size combo is best?

- should I keep old peripherals such as CRT monitor and dot matrix printer (yes, some still use these items!)

- if money were no object, what toys would I add to my dream computer?

Between now and November 30th, go over to Facebook Bootcamp for Genea-Bloggers and look at several polls that ask what you'd like to see on a new computer. Make your choices and beginning December 1st I will discuss the results here at Destination: Austin Family.

At the end of this series, as a group we should come up with some recommendations as to the best computer. That's not to say we'll all be in agreement, but we should be able to exchange ideas and opinions as to what a genealogy or family history enthusiast should look for when shopping this holiday season.

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