Friday, November 14, 2008

Spoonflower: Print Your Own Fabric

I know this might seem out of place, but stay with me - this truly is a means of looking at a new technology and combining it with genealogy!

Spoonflower is a new website that allows you to print your own fabric. Based in North Carolina, it advertises the ability to have your own designs printed on cotton fabric for $18 per yard with no minimum. The site already has 10,000 crafters signed up, has its own blog, and has Gart Davis who used to run LuLu on its board. Now Spoonflower is out of closed beta and is available to the public plus it appears that many Etsy users are now big fans of Spoonflower.

Now, I know there are kits from places like Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics that allow you to run a small piece of cotton fabric through your printer. But there are many limitations include size and type of printer, etc.

The concept of a memory quilt or an ancestor quilt has intrigued me for some time. But with the limited methods of printing on fabric, the idea was a no go. However, I could see creating digital scrapbook type pages and having them run on fabric in small groups for a wall hanging or a quilt.

This seems to be the creative season for holiday gifts - go check out Spoonflower and leave us some of your ideas in the comments section!

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