Saturday, January 17, 2009

Article in Digital Genealogist

Just a quick note: an article that I've written about preserving not only one's genealogy data but the means by which to access it has been published in the latest edition of Digital Genealogist magazine.

Entitled "Future Proofing Your Data," it discusses various methods for ensuring that you will be able to access your data for years to come and provides tips on how to guard against common mistakes and pitfalls.

Please check out Digital Genealogist which is published by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens. It is one of many "green magazines" to which I subscribe these days and speaks to both of my current passions: genealogy and technology.


Sheri said...

Bravo Thomas! Well Done! How exciting to be "Published" Come here - let me rub your paw for good luck. Wait, your not a're magically delicious.

Miriam said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to read it1

Apple said...

Congratulations Thomas!

Andrea Christman said...

I just got my notice from Liz that the next issue was ready for download and I procrastinated! Now I am going to get it today and read your article first! Congratulations and thanks for the heads-up!