Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sisters Eight

This post was composed for the 11th Edition of Smile For The Camera ~ A Carnival of Images

When I tell people that my mother was one of 12 children raised in the middle of the Depression, they shake their head in disbelief.  Disbelief not as in, "Oh, I don't believe you," but more like, "Oh, I can't even begin to image that!"

There were eight girls and four boys among the children of Alfred Austin and Anna Henneberg all raised in Jersey City, New Jersey beginning in the early 1930s.  

Back row (l to r): Ann Patricia, Josephine Eleanor, Joan Kathleen.
Center: Anna Henneberg Austin
Front row: Jacqueline Barbara (my mother), June Marcella, Jennifer Loretta, Julia Therese, Judith Frances

The photo above depicts all the females in the family and, alas, it is the only photo I have showing all eight sisters. I have many photos of most of the sisters taken during the past few years but this was after my Aunt Pudgie (Julia Therese) passed away.

I can't wait to see the remaining seven sisters this May when I go home to New York.  Many years ago, they started the tradition of getting together the first weekend in May which is when their mother passed in 1965.  They come together to share a meal, swap stories and memories, and take photos.

Photo: Anna Henneberg Austin and her daughters, abt. 1950. Digital image. Privately held by Thomas MacEntee, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Chicago, Illinois, 2009


Virginia Hill said...

What a fabulous treasure, Thomas! Thanks for sharing with us.

Linda Hughes Hiser said...

So often I wish I had come from a bigger family or at least one with a sister! Thank you for sharing your photo and story.