Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Genealogy Journal Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday was not too busy - I finally got to start blogging on the Marjorie Pauline Frost book (see below)!
  • Did my usual tour of the genealogy and tech blog posts.  Lots of Tombstone Tuesday posts were flagged during the day.
  • Found out that I had won a free on-line class from GenClass so posted about it at DAF.  Forgot that I had even entered in the contest!
  • Answered several technical questions via e-mail from fellow genealogy bloggers - mostly pertaining to Google Analytics as well as formatting issues with Blogger.
  • Fooled around with Google Wave a bit and also sent out more invites.  I think I am totally out now.
  • Spent much of the late afternoon working on the post about a 1926 baby book for Marjorie Pauline Frost and trying to match it up with its owner or the owner's family.  This was a fun Twitter-based CSI-type project on September 21, 2009 and I wanted to do a series of posts to illustrate the power and importance of Twitter for the genealogy community.  Search for the Living - Honing Your Research Skills is the first part and explains how I got involved in the search.
    A good day - even had time for a late afternoon nap.  Wondering what Wednesday will bring . . .

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