Thursday, October 22, 2009

Genealogy Journal Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In my last journal post I wondered what Wednesday would bring - well it brought lots of work, that's what it brought.  I didn't have a sense of accomplishment by day's end but perhaps that's what this journal is for - to help me see what genealogy work I actually do on a given day.
  • Lots of posts to review from the genealogy blogs - Wordless Wednesday is one of the most popular blogging themes.  And there have been lots of great photos lately.
  • Intriguing post from Herstoryan about whether it is permissible to "enhance" a citation format.  Take a look at her post as well as my response on How To Cite A Find A Grave Headstone as well as footnote Maven's wonderful post on the same topic.  In case you are unfamiliar with Herstoryan check out her blog - she is relative new on the genealogy blogging scene but has some great content and poses some great questions to the genealogy community.
  • Finally completed a rather technical post at GeneaBloggers on Subscribing To A Blog Via Email.  One of the participants in last weekend's blogging session at CGSL had asked for this information and I feel bad it took me so long.  But I needed to properly review the entire feed burning process in two other posts before I could get to this one.
  • Well, turns out that my pro bono work for a friend may actually end up paying off.  Literally.  It seems his colleagues were "blown away" by my work and my report to the point they are interested in engaging my services.  I am working up a rate sheet and will send it along with my resume.
  • I've offered to work with another friend on her Hawaiian and Portuguese research - pro bono as well - because it is an area that interests me and I need the experience.  I may start that today.
  • Finally, I did not get to post more on the Marjorie Pauline Frost baby book and I will do that first thing today - I know lots of readers want the next chapter and want to see how the research was done on that project.
    Well I guess I did do quite a bit yesterday.  Ever have days where you turn of the computer, turn off the desk lamp and go to bed thinking it was a day where nothing got done?  I guess that's why journaling is important - now I see that I got more accomplished than I gave myself credit for.

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