Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Genealogy Journal Tuesday, November 3, 2009

While I like traveling, I absolutely hate the feeling of "being behind" when I get home.  This trip was short but even so I had close to 1,000  blog posts to go through in the genealogy and technology blogs I read as well as 200 emails.
  • I took the "triage" approach on both email and Google Reader.  Deleted all junk email or emails I knew I would not respond to.  Then opened the emails that needed immediate response.  Several emails were for requests to have a blog listed on GeneaBloggers so I took care of them.
  • Blog reader is a bit different - my priority is to tag those blog posts such as Surname Saturday, Black Sheep Sunday etc. that I couldn't get to while on my trip.
  • I received a great article from Maureen Taylor of The Photo Detective blog - I asked if she would guest post at GeneaBloggers and she agreed.  I'll put that up Thursday or Friday this week.
  • I also received the first two lessons in my Jewish Genealogy class at GenClass.  I need to tackle those this weekend.
  • Caught up on ProGen 4 items including writing my peer reviews for the educational plans submitted by my colleagues.  I also reviewed a very neat spreadsheet submitted by Pat Rand that helps track a family based on several census sheets - it even included formulas! Very impressed.
  • The rest of the evening was spent watching television.  WTTW which is our main PBS station here in Chicago was showing To Market, To Market, To Buy A Fat Pig about urban farmers markets.  Then, of course, I had to watch The Good Wife which is my current addiction - not just because it is set in Chicago but because it is also very well written.
  • Not much music today.  I need to fix my music library (close to 20,000 songs in iTunes) since it was corrupted during the computer crash last week.  I finally figured out the issue: the xml file which contains all my lists and notes was looking for the songs on the external drive (the G:\ drive).  But when I re-imaged the machine, it renamed the drive to F:\.  So I plan to place a USB flash drive in the USB port, have the machine recognize that as the F:\ drive, then switch on the external drive and it should come up as the G:\ drive.  Cross your fingers!
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RickK said...

Tell me more about the spreadsheet you reviewed. Is it available somewhere?