Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow Friday: Long Lost Relatives

This edition of Follow Friday is a shout out to a blog which has been around for a few months and whose owner I had the pleasure of meeting personally at the Midwest Family History Expo back in late July 2010.

Susan Petersen runs Long Lost Relatives and she is a vocal advocate of genealogy blogging and social media.  She is one of many genealogy bloggers who "get it" when it comes to the way in which the genealogy industry must change, must embrace emerging technologies in order to not just come into the 21st century, but to attract new and younger genealogists.

Susan and I share very common ground in terms of training and delivering training in a work setting - it is what we both did for many years. And now we can both draw upon that experience in our genealogy careers.

I ask you to take a look at Susan's site, add her to all your follow lists for Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  She is a delight to correspond with and to chat "genealogy" and even more fun in person!

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee


Barbara said...

Great choice for a Follow Friday. Susan's blogs are always interesting, and she is very dedicated. I'm delighted you highlighted her and her blog. So deserving.

Susan Petersen said...

Thank you so much, Thomas! I really appreciate the shout-out. You've really been an inspiration and a mentor for me over the last several months since I discovered Geneabloggers. Looking forward to getting together at another conference real soon.

Susan Petersen said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Thomas! I really appreciate it. You've been a real inspiration and mentor for me over the last several months since I discovered Geneabloggers. I look forward to getting together again soon at another conference.