Friday, September 3, 2010

Follow Friday - Random Relatives

[Editor's note: I recently looked back at many of my posts here at DAF and realize they've gone off course in terms of my personal genealogy.  I've been busy building a career in the genealogy industry - with lots of wonderful support from the genealogy blogging community - but I want to start getting back to "my roots": posting about my genealogy and my thoughts on certain aspects of the field.]

One of my favorite people on Facebook is Diana Ritchie who runs the Random Relatives blog. And this past summer, while attending and speaking at the Midwest Family History Expo in Kansas City, Missouri, I had the chance to meet Diana in person.  Let me tell you, she is not only funny and fun to talk to, but she is also a keen genealogist who blogs about the search for her ancestors.

Check out her blog and in particular, her latest series of posts about a research trip to the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

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DianaR said...

WOW - was I surprised this morning to click on DAF and see MY blog. Thanks so much Thomas - you made my day-maybe my whole week!!

(OK, it's Saturday and I'm just now reading blogs...I blame the whole MBA thing)

Susan Petersen said...

Great choice for Follow Friday! Diana's blog is one of my favorites and having met her at the Midwest Family History Expo in Kansas City, I consider her one of my real-life friends as well as a Facebook friend. She is also responsible for my addiction to Kindle!