Friday, September 10, 2010

My Latest Article - A Trip to Bountiful Genealogy

My latest article entitled "A Trip to Bountiful Genealogy Research" has been posted at  This is one of many articles you'll find as part of the Experts series at - check it out and you will see some familiar faces among the genealogy blogging crowd!

The most recent article discusses how to plan and execute a successful genealogy research trip. While you will have lots of Qs (as in questions) there are some Ps you have to mind: Plan, Prepare, Proceed, Procure, Process and Preserve.  Read the article to learn more about each of these factors of going on a genealogy road trip!

If you have an area of expertise within the genealogy field, consider applying with to be one of their next Experts authors.

[Disclaimer: this was an assignment for in which I was paid to produce a 1800 word article on the subject of genealogy research trips.  In February 2010 and July 2010, I wrote similar article for with similar payment terms.  In addition to payment, I also received a complimentary membership to  See the Disclosure Statement page for a list of all material connections I have with genealogy vendors.]

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Jen said...

Great article!! Lots of very useful tips not only for novice researchers but for more experienced researchers as well.

Claudia's thoughts said...

You can add Perseverance to that list too....