Saturday, December 11, 2010


Gingerbread and Sugar Cookies spread out on the dining room table,
ready to be decorated
The weather outside is frightful (or will be - rain then sleet then snow then -10F with a -30F wind chill here in Chicago this weekend) so I am in the middle of a "cookie lockdown" until Monday.

I'll be making many of the cookies that I grew up with or that are part of my family' history:
You can read more about Cookiepalooza 2007 here.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee


DianaR said...

If the weather wasn't sooo terrible, I'd be right up to help...'cause even though I don't actually bake, I'm sure that you need someone to do "quality control" as we always call it!

IrishEyesJG said...

Okay, where do we place our order? These already look delicious. Inspiration to start baking. Cheers! Jennifer

AdmGln said...

Those all look delicious!

Kerry Scott said...

We're doing the same thing up here in Milwaukee today. Viva la cookies!