Saturday, December 11, 2010

O Holy Night

[Editor's Note: This is my entry for this year's Blog Caroling over at Footnote Maven's blog.]

Although the song O Holy Night is incredibly beautiful, very often I think it is either overplayed during the holiday season or it is just butchered in its rendition, even by well-known vocalists. I appreciate it when someone, like Angelique Kidjo, can take a song like O Holy Night and offer up a unique arrangement. Enjoy!

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee


Carol Yates Wilkerson said...

Isn't it wonderful when the voice of the artist is the focus and not overpowered by the music accompanying it? It was so good it brought my husband in from another room to listen too.

Ann Best said...

I just saw your comment on KarenG's blog, From the Shadows to the Page. Is this your main blog? I'm an author, about to publish a memoir, but I'm thinking of starting a family history blog to get myself back to it. (I also see you live in Chicago; my recently deceased younger sister lived in Naperville; have been there a lot, and it seems you were right next door!)

O Holy Night, done well, is one of my favorites.
Ann Best, Long Journey Home

Marian Pierre-Louis said...

I have that CD! It's wonderful!

George Geder said...

We Too!
It's a great CD!

Kristin said...

I feel the same way about most Christmas songs. I love this one! thank you for posting it.