Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Source Citation Format for 1940 US Census Images

[Updates: thanks to commenters and emails, I've changed the term "dwelling" to "household"]

Yesterday, as I went to grab my first 1940 US Census images, I realized I would need a source citation format.

So I grabbed my copy of Evidence Explained (you can also check out Elizabeth Shown Mills' new site and get the digital download at http://www.evidenceexplained.com) and decided that the QuickCheck Model for Digital Images Online Commercial Site (p. 240) would probably be the best example upon which to based my format. This is the same format that I've used for 1930 US Census and other years.

Source List Entry Example:

[State]. [County]. 1940 US census, population schedule. Digital images, Archives.gov. http://1940census.archives.gov: 2012.

First (Full) Reference Note Example:

1940 U.S. census, _________ County, _______ [State], [Location], population schedule, enumeration district (ED) _____, page __ [(stamped)] or sheet __ [(handwritten)], dwelling household __, line ____, [Name of Person]; digital image, Archives.gov (http://1940census.archives.gov: accessed ________ [Date]); citing NARA microfilm publication T627, roll _______.

Subsequent (Short) Note Example:

1940 US census,[County], [State]. pop. sch., p. ____ (stamped), dwell. ____, [Name of Person].

So for Royal Hoar (yes, his real name), who was married to my great aunt Margaret MacEntee, I have:
  • 1940 U.S. census, Ulster County, New York, Ellenville, population schedule, enumeration district (ED) 56-87, p. 1168 (stamped), dwelling household 92, line 35, Roy Hoar; digital image, Archives.gov (http://1940census.archives.gov: accessed 02 April 2012); citing NARA microfilm publication T627, roll 2796.
  • 1940 US census, Ulster. New York. pop. sch., p. 1168 (stamped), dwell. 207, house. 92, Roy Hoar.
Finding the Roll Number

While you could use the finding aid at Nara (https://estore.archives.gov/FINDING_AID_1940.pdf), right now I am using the Steve Morse One-Step site and specifically, the Unified 1940 Census ED Finder (http://stevemorse.org/census/unified.html). After locating the ED, select 1940 ED Description and click More Details. You will see a screen which will list the roll number:

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Jenny Lanctot said...

Thank you SO much for posting this, Thomas! In my rush to download all the EDs I could find yesterday, I totally neglected to get any of the roll numbers. Hopefully I'll be able to retro-fit my citations.

Jen said...

Thanks for posting Tom. The only issue if that the 1940 census doesn't use dwelling and family numbers, but rather only one "household" number. So it read more like:

1940 U.S. census, _________ County, _______ [State], [Location], population schedule, enumeration district (ED) _____, page __ [(stamped)] or sheet __ [(handwritten)], household __, [Name of Person]; digital image, National Archives and Records Administration, 1940 Census (http://1940census.archives.gov: accessed/downloaded ________ [Date]); citing NARA microfilm publication T627, roll _______.

Taco Goulooze said...

@Jenny Lanctot If you downloaded the images from NARA, the filename will tell you the roll number (format m-series-roll-imagenumber.jpg)

Steve Danko said...

The household is 92. The street address (which doesn't need to go into the citation) is 207. there is no family number provided in the 1940 census.

Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks Steve - that makes more sense. And now I get what I deserve for not wearing my glasses!

Springtime Genealogy said...

Thank you for taking a stab at this. I reviewed p. 240 in EE. The example shown places "population schedule," before civil division. I am wondering why you would switch these two in your template?

Michelle Goodrum said...

Thanks Thomas. The templates are a time saver aren't they? I hadn't noticed the button would lead to the microfilm numbers. That is a huge timesaver.

chmcgee said...

Hi Thomas,

I hate to be nit-picky, but I have a few comments about the citation. Please let me know if I'm wrong.

It has been my understanding that (1) the "location" (towhship and incorporated place) come directly after "population schedule," (2) the sheet number would follow the ED number since it directly relates to the ED, then comes the page number, (3) isn't the website title at NARA is National Archives? I have seen others use the website title Archives.gov, which has perplexed me, and (4) I'm not sure if we should write "citing" the National Archives since the images actually belong to them.

I would love to hear anyones thoughts on my humble suggestions.


Rick said...

Seems we are distantly related, since my grandfather was Royal (Roy) Hoar and Margaret nee Macentee (we called her Mae) was my grandmother (on my mother's side) My mother's name is Iris.

Roy died in a tragic tractor-trailer accident during a snowstorm, I believe on Rt. 52 in the mountains. Grandma died about a year later in Ellenville hospital (we believe of a broken heart).

I have been taking a stab at finding out more about my family background, and came across your site. Thanks for the help in learning how to do census searching. It certainly isn't easy, especially if you need to do it for free.

Rick Slater