Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Carnival of Genealogy: Meaning Through Writing

[This post was written for the 84th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy hosted by Jasia of Creative Gene]

Where do I begin, to tell the story of my love affair with the Carnival of Genealogy (COG)?  As the future Baroness Von Trapp once sang, start at the very beginning . . .

While I started Destination: Austin Family in December 2006, I really didn't begin seriously blogging about my family history until September 2007.  The first edition of COG in which I participated was #35 and including this post, I've participated in a total of 30 editions.

I felt welcomed from the very first post and that is why I've participated and intend to keep participating.  Not only have my colleagues given great feedback on my posts as well as others, but their enthusiasm keeps the COG attractive and vibrant.  I also continue to participate because I love to write and the topics provided are creative and inspiring - they have caused me to look at my family history research from many different angles.

For my own articles, I think my favorite is A Dinner of Remembrance which really tapped my creative energies.  I love the way in which the COG can challenge us to be better writers and this was probably my best piece.

Finally, I would be hard pressed to pick just one or even two of my favorite COG posts by my colleagues.  Why?  Because the COG really attracts good writing and good writers.  I've also seen the development of great writing styles for several of these folks and that process, like a flower unfolding, is a treasure worth witnessing.

* * *

I guest hosted the following editions of COG:

#67 - Nobody's Fool
#51 - Independent Spirit

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#50 - Minyo and Pricess: A Clown and a Doll
#49 - Dayvare, Eveninkvare, Svimvare!
#48 - Smart Is As Smart Does
#47 - Home To Lowville
#46 - My Family Traits
#45 - I Don't Drive, I'm Driven
#44 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken?
#43 - Technology
#42 - Roll Out The Red Carpet!
#41 - A Dinner of Remembrance
#40 - Living Relative Connections
#39 - New Year's Resolutions
#38 - The New Millennium - Home Again, Naturally
#35 - What DNA Can't Explain In My Family Tree

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Joan said...

Thomas, You are my rock -- to stand upon to see above the chaos, to cling to when the techies threaten to pull me apart, and then to be such a writer and researcher. OMG